BLOW UP movie & history

BLOW UP CLOTHING BRAND It is a clothing brand that was born in 2018, founded by three young Colombian businessmen who thought that it is possible that Colombia is not only seen as a nation of war and drug trafficking, but also as a nation with the ability to produce and export products luxury, this time with a brand of very high quality clothing. Its founders Mateo Echeverri Ochoa, Gustavo Correa Zapata and Sebastian Zuluaga Arbelaez from the city of Medellin, created a luxury brand mainly with a small production of men's and women's t-shirts. This first production was a success and all t shirt for men  was sold in less time than they thought, so they decided to continue betting on this clothing brand and decided to produce other designs for men's clothing and this time not only in T-shirts, they released pull-overs, men's t-shirts, women's t-shirts and caps. As they expected, this production sold very quickly and customers asked for more. So they decided to take a risk and bet everything on BLOW UP. In 2019, BLOW UP INVESTMENTS SAS was incorporated and registered the mixed BLOW UP ®️ brand, its name and its outstanding LOGO, a grenade mixed with a brain, internationally carrying a message, BLOW UP YOUR MIND, which tells the people who exploit their minds and that the grenades as a symbol of war are not to generate violence but to generate ideas to improve our lives, generate business and thereby give work. In its short journey as a fashion brand, several international artists have already been seen with their clothes since BLOW UP handles excellent outfits for any occasion and they are fashionable. Some of these artists or influencers are Kevin Roldan, Pipe Bueno, Luisa Fernanda W, Jamby el Favo, Mateo Carvajal, Melina Ramirez, Santiago Arroyave, Elder Dayan, Reykon among others. And some soccer players like Santiago Trellez. Along with BLOW UP goes hand in hand the most important PEACE COMMUNICATOR in the Colombian nation, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, he as an influencer of peace in Colombia and worldwide he wears the Blow Up garments, showing the world that Colombia is now a Entrepreneurship capital and carries PEACE messages to the world.